Employment and Career Guidance

OJT and Practical Trainings


At the OJT and Graduates Follow-up Department of the Student Affairs Office, it is a top priority to help the student explore career interests, options and goals. The college provides ways to the students' pre-employment by hosting career fairs, workshops, guest lectures, faculty modules, employer presentations, and one-to-one career guidance and counseling.

You can even find out which employment suits you, either casual or vacation work, by attending the events held right here on campus every year. We offer this opportunity because we believe you have the potentials and that the best job awaits you.

On-the-Job Training

Students nearing their graduation are deployed to industry and business to enhance their potentials and to widen their possibility of getting a job after graduation. 

If a student gets a job during his/her OJT then he/she can continue with the Job, his/her Job will be considered as OJT.

If a student is continuously absent for two weeks during his/her OJT, the absence will be reported to Student Affairs through OJT Coordinator/Attendance Coordinator.

For more questions and inquiries regarding On-the-Job Training please contact:

Head - OJT Department
26871 315




Career Guidance

Having a real work experience during your On-the-Job Training allows you to appreciate the need to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills that you have to possess to seek employment and will boost your confidence as you land your dream job in the future.

We carefully monitor the progress of our students from the time they are enrolled in the General Foundation Program until they graduate. The Career Guidance Office facilitates student employability by establishing connections with prospective employers / industry. An array of services is provided to prepare you for job hunting.

Job Search Course

This course will help students in evaluating resources and strategies which may be used to assist in a job search. Students are able to know the process of job searching, describe traditional and non-traditional job search techniques, conduct self-assessment, build their own networks of relatives and friends, understand the quality factors of a successful employee, understand the job values, describe the guidelines for resume preparation, conduct a successful interview, and obtain job offers by proper negotiations..

Job Fair

Annually, career fairs or career exposures bring employers, recruiters, and schools and job seekers together at ACT. We invited multinational and local companies to set up stations or booths where our graduating students/alumni can submit their resumes and undergo initial interviews. This is a chance for them to land a job and start their dream career.

This event is sponsored by the Student Affairs to realign the common method of entry market level recruiting and initial screening based on appearances, communication skills, and first impressions. For our students, job fairs provide a free opportunity to encounter multiple employers in the same day. So they have to understand how to double or triple their productivity and effectiveness.


Completion of Level

For a student to obtain graduation certificate in any of the level, the following criteria are followed: (Article 67)

  • Minimum and maximum year of study in the level
  • Completion of On the Job Training
  • Overall CGPA should be 2.00 and above.

Graduated Students

Graduated students who could not go to a higher level because of less TOEFL/IELTS score, will be able to register for a higher level provided they appear for TOEFL/IELTS(and get the required score) within a year of graduation. (Ministry Letter Ref No: 2033, Dated: 25-03-2013).

Graduation Ceremony

The ACT Graduation Ceremony takes place in the college ground or college auditorium. It is a yearly event witnessed by the Deans from other Technological Colleges, Shoura Council Members, Walies, Sheikhs and Dignitaries, College Administrative and Academic Staff members, and dignified guests, faculty, staff, and parents and families of the graduates.

Read the stories of the Graduation Ceremonies happened over the years:

 Graduation Invitation

Prior to the scheduled ceremony, graduating students are given an official Invitation Package, consisting of:

  • An invitation card
  • The information of Graduands booklet

The Graduation booklet contain the lists of students that are expected to receive their qualification title along with the detailed description of the College’s academic dress requirements for each level.

The Graduation Invitation Package will be sent to your correspondence address (i.e. the address to which your examination result notices have been sent), or you can visit the Student Affairs Office.

Graduation Memories

The College documents the graduation ceremonies. Visit the ACT Interactive Portal for viewing the photographs captured during previous graduation ceremonies.

Graduation Inquiries

If a certain student do not wish to attend a ceremony, he/she may visit or write to Graduation Office whose contact details appear below.

The Head of Housing, Student Activities, and Graduation Department
26871 318

Give you exact correspondence address and you will be gladly responded to.