Student Support and Services

As you are officially our student currently enrolled in one of our programs, we aim to provide you the best support, prompt assistance, and all necessary information as you complete your academic journey.

In this website you will learn about the academic offerings and how will you proceed with your studies with the help of an academic advisor. You will also find significant information and guidance instructions for student registration, registration schedules, and a calendar of activities. We also provide a link to the Online Student Registration where you can access your academic records, grades, and subjects enrolled, as well as control your personal information. Further information about the credit hour system, grade point average, student attendance, academic probation, and honors and awards is also clearly elaborated.

If you have any further inquiries about student requirements and any related issues to your studies, you may contact designated personnel at the Student Affairs or the head of your department.

Again, we are delighted to welcome you and wish you all the best in your academic endeavor here in UTAS-A.


To give you the best possible outcomes on your intellectual development and career, we have provided the following assistance and services:


A. Student Allowances
B. Student Counseling / 26871 - 316
C. Health and Medical Services / 26871 - 417
D. Graduation Services
E. Food and Dining Services
F. Employment and Career Guidance
G. Health and Campus Safety



Student Allowances

Every first week of the semester, the Admission and Registration Department of Student Affairs Office distributes a Survey Form to new students to indicate significant information about themselves. A copy of their National ID is attached for identification of their residence / location and as basis of their appropriate allowances.

Student allowances are paid on a monthly basis to all regular enrolled students. The department identifies those who are eligible to receive a transportation allowance and those who are eligible to receive a housing allowance. Transportation allowance is only given to students after completion of their registration at UTAS-A.

The list of students eligible for allowances is forwarded to the Finance Department and processed with payment vouchers as per Ministry of Finance rules and regulations. These allowances are directly deposited into the students' bank accounts.


Student Counseling

The Counseling and Graduates Follow-Up Department provides continuous counseling service to all UTAS-A students primarily to monitor their well-being and ability to study. The counseling follows the ethical practice of ensuring confidentiality and protection on the nature of the services provided.

The college bylaws specify student behavior, discipline and order, and the disciplinary system. In addition, the student handbook contains the policy on dress code, college regulations, classroom behavior, attendance, advising, and disciplinary procedures. Student violating these policies are reported in writing by the lecturers and/or advisor to the Head of Center or Department.


Contact Us

The Head of the Counseling and Graduates Follow-up Department will supervise the counseling and registration process as well as coordinate with advisors in every department.



To know more about this service, you may contact:


The Head of Counseling and Graduates Follow-Up Department
26871 316



Health and Medical Services

UTAS-A believes that the general health and well-being of students is an important aspect in their academic progress.

The Student Affairs laid out an annual activity plan for promoting awareness and ensuring the health and welfare of the students. The activities may include:

  1. Blood Donation Campaign
  2. Health Lectures
  3. Social Services

There are clinics in the college to provide health and first aid services to students and staff. They provide health care to treat common conditions such as headaches, skin rashes, fever, anemia, and asthma. They also provides free advice on nutrition and other health-related issues.

Clinic hours: 8:00 AM to 2:30PM

IP Phone Number : 26871 - 417



Food and Dining Services

The staff and students of UTAS-A are provided with a cafeteria whose aim is to provide affordable and healthy food. Before providing cafeteria service, a qualified concessionaire has to be chosen from a group of applicants. The Cafeteria Policy sets a guide in the selection of cafeteria providers and the renewal of their services while the Meals and Refreshments Requisition form is filled up for the provision of meals during school-related activities.

Students, faculty and staff often converge for meals and snack in the two college cafeterias located at the ground floor of the Administration Building and the other in the ELC building. There is a separate section exclusive for staff use.


Health and Campus Safety

All staff and students must comply with the safety procedures introduced by the college to protect their safety and well-being. They are briefed about the operation of machines and equipment under their responsibility, control, or use.

The laboratories and workshops of each department have a sub-manual where the Standard Operating Procedures for machines and equipment are documented. First aid kits are available for emergency cases.

Maintenance and repair of equipment and facilities is carried out periodically. Fire extinguishers are available and periodically checked. Implementation of health and safety policies in workshops and laboratories are monitored.

The evacuation plans and procedures have been designed for quick and effective evacuation of all staff, students and visitors during an emergency.


Transport and Security

Your safety is certain and is always given attention at UTAS-A. In fact, UTAS-A has the means to address problems and maintenance priorities pertaining to its facilities and services and to ensure that the College abides by necessary health and safety requirements. A maintenance policy is implemented to ensure the safety and security of all staff and students too.  

Whenever you attend school-related activities outside of the college, there are a number of vehicle services available to you. The transportation policy is the basis for granting a transportation request.

On our campus, a security checkpoint is stationed at the main / entrance gate wherein visitors have to log in and their identity is determined.

A number of surveillance cameras are installed 0n the college premises including laboratories, hallways, and offices to monitor everyday activity.

Parking lots within the college premises are available for faculty and staff. Students have designated areas for parking and waiting areas for pick-up and drop-off points. Students with special needs are also given consideration. Visitors, except those on official business with the college management, are allowed to use the external parking area.

How to get into our campus is presented in this site where you will learn the transport system available. Take the virtual tour and be actually "inside" the college.

We also have outlined the important campus directory in case you want to directly connect with any of the offices.

You can also explore not just the city but the whole Sultanate of Oman as well.

So take time to discover what we can offer you!


Student Identification Card

Students enrolled in UTAS-Aare provided with a Student Identification Card. The card is needed for any school transactions particularly during registration process.

The Student ID card confirms the identity and affiliation of the student to UTAS-A. The student will have to fill out the Survey Form and submit four (4) copies of passport size pictures.

There are two Student Identification Cards used at UTAS-A: the Temporary ID, which is issued to Foundation Students; and the Permanent ID, for students taking specialization programs either in Business, Engineering, or Information Technology.


The Registration Department is responsible for the issuance and distribution of the ID cards. For more questions and inquiries regarding your admission and registration please contact:

The Head of Admission and Registration Department
26871 395