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COVID-19 has varying effects on education across the globe. Such effects resulted in numerous adjustments not only in terms of modes of teaching and learning but in every educational aspect. This briefing aims to thoroughly discuss the different methods, software, and online resources adopted at UTAS- Al Musannah for teaching and learning and conducting the subsequent semester examinations.

Clearly, UTAS-A has addressed the required necessities of online teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. This article then seeks to outline the existing resources and tools of the University that are being utilized to effectively transform traditional education into online education in this continually shifting educational landscape. These online resources and tools are being used to conduct online classes, communication with students, online sharing of study materials, and online exams.

1: - Office 365 Exchange online
The email and messaging service offered by Microsoft through Office 365 Exchange online played a vital role in carrying out effective communication between staff and students during the lockdown period due to COVID-19 pandemic. While this was in place even before pandemic, the University has witnessed tremendous increase in the utilization of this service by the students and staff during the lockdown.

2: - Microsoft Teams
Microsoft (MS) Teams service played a highly critical role during the pandemic as it is the main tool used for conducting online classes, discussion with students, meeting, exam, academic advising, workshops, training and more.

This tool provides the face to face talk, chat, voice calling, sharing of desktop, presentation, simulations, assignments, and also conducting online examinations.
Further, MS Teams offers different roles and permissions to attendees such as presenter and creator for the best control and smooth conduct of online classes, exams, and other online activities.

3: - E-learning through Moodle Application
At UTAS-A, Moodle application had been in use from long time for online teaching and learning. However, there is an exponential increase in the use of this application by students and staff during the pandemic time. All quizzes, assignments, online classes, communication, and exams were conducted with through Moodle. Also, sharing of study materials and videos was made possible with the use of this online application.

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4: - MS OneDrive
Teachers and students are sharing big size files and folders consists of study materials, assignments and other required docs in between them. MS one drive helps lot to students and staff to keep their files and folder in centralized storage and access from anywhere. Which helps a lot during pandemic while working from home and office etc.