Research and Innovation

UTAS-A’s primary focus is on teaching and learning. Effective teaching depends to a large extent on lecturers who keep up-to-date with developments in their field of specialization. For these reasons, UTAS-A supports, within limits, academic staff who wish to pursue research and consultancy.


The term ‘research’ is used to mean any individual or collective endeavor that results in a measurable academic outcome such as a conference presentation, or a published book or article of clear benefit to the College’s profile and reputation.


In the context of the college’s mission and goals, applied research, focusing squarely on the needs and concerns of commerce and industry, is seen by the college as an activity that contributes to the college’s reputation, the professional skills of staff, and the good of the nation.


Consultancy refers to any work, carried out with the Dean’s written approval, that involves liaison with, and advice to, a company or other commercial or government organization. For example, an institution with which UTAS-A is engaged with or in collaboration. Apart from consultation, ACT can also give presentations and workshops to the requesting company or other public entities. A Consultancy framework is to be developed by the Research Committee and PMC to guide the staff in providing consultancy services. Consultancy can also be referred to as any work for the community groups. Seminars on communication skills, leadership development, financial literacy, etc. and technical assistance contribute to a healthy community.