UTAS-A Conducts Workshop on Risk Management

The University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Al Musannah (UTAS-A), through the initiative of its Risk Management Committee, hosted a virtual workshop on 'Basic Outline of Risk Management' on Monday, 23rd August 2021. 

The workshop was delivered by the Risk Management Team of Sultan Qaboos University. They explained the process of risk management (RM) and how this is applied in educational institutions.

The event’s first speaker was Ms. Nadhira Al Habsi, Acting Director of Risk Management Office, SQU. She completed her master’s degree in Disaster Management from Bournemouth University. She has worked closely with different units at SQU to identify, assess and manage risks in their respective areas. She assists too in developing plans to reduce risks in strategic, academic, and operational programs. She has a 4 year-experience as assistant director in the Academic Innovation Assistance Program sponsored by the Research Council. 

The second speaker was Dr. Aseela Al Harthi, Head of the Strategic & Academic Risk Department, Risk Management Office, SQU. She has completed her PhD from Cardiff University, UK. She specialized in Effective Communication for Information Security Risk Management. Dr. Aseela has been working in SQU as an administrator for 20 years. She has participated in various local and international RM-related conferences.

This two-hour virtual session was attended by more than a hundred participants including HOCs and HODs from other branches of UTAS.